Canada Courier Van Driver Job

By | October 30, 2023

Canada Courier Van Driver Job: The following elucidates the specificities of the vocation, tailored to your employment proclivities. You retain the liberty to manage your vocational predilections within your profile.

Canada Courier Van Driver Job

Canada Courier Van Driver Job

Remuneration An hourly recompense of $24.

Nature of Employment Engaged in a full-time capacity, this occupation offers permanence and sustained tenure. The linguistic medium of operation is exclusively English.

Temporal Commitment A dedication of 40 hours per week is requisite for the execution of duties.

Educational Prerequisites Devoid of any requisite degree, certification, or diploma, this position welcomes novices, providing comprehensive training.

Occupational Ambiance The operational milieu primarily comprises motorized conveyances, set within the precincts of a courier enterprise.

Operational Mandates

  1. Execute the operation and navigation of automobiles, vans, and light trucks for the collection and dissemination of diverse consignments.
  2. Exemplify an unwavering commitment to customer service marked by professionalism.
  3. Act as an intermediary by receiving and transmitting pertinent data to the central dispatch hub.
  4. Undertake the formulation, packaging, and replenishment of commodities.
  5. Undertake the loading and unloading of goods.
  6. Employ cartography and supplementary voyage strategems for itinerary planning.
  7. Record itinerant particulars, encompassing vehicular mileage, fuel outlays, and any mechanical anomalies.
  8. Facilitate the financial transactions associated with the conveyance and receipt of goods.
  9. Execute rigorous inspections before embarking, en route, and post-trip, ensuring the holistic oversight of the vehicular apparatus.
  10. Accept remunerations or invoices for delivered items.
  11. Maintain an exhaustive record of items acquired and dispatched.
  12. Undertake the manual delivery and retrieval of communiqu├ęs, parcels, and sundry articles.
  13. Provision of customer service, inclusive of the categorization of packages.
  14. Adherence to navigational directives and map perusal.

Certifications, Licenses, Affiliations, and Instruction Possession of a Class 5/5F/G License, extending to automobiles, small trucks, and other two-axle conveyances.

Transport and Voyage Experience Familiarity with local and provincial/territorial routes.

Security and Safeguarding Conduction of criminal background scrutiny.

Laboring Parameters and Physical Aptitudes The work setting is characterized by its dynamic and rapid-paced environment, imposing stringent deadlines. The exertion demands physical vigor, encompassing the handling of substantial loads, all while working under stress-laden circumstances. The task necessitates the management of weights of up to 23 kg (50 lbs).

Personal Apparatus and Characteristics Self-provisioned with cellular communication device. Qualities of Flexibility, Methodicalness, Reliability, Collaborative Proclivity, Enterprise, Precision, and Dependability are paramount.

Long-Term Advantages Enjoyment of group insurance benefits, alongside additional perks such as gratuitous parking provisions.

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